How to Help                            

GIN Information Leaflet
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There are many ways you can help our charity:

become aware
become a member           gift aid it


help fund our work
donate via JustGiving
donate via PayPal
sell on eBay for us
Help us with Amazon Smile

Help us with,uk
Help us with Humble Bundle

GIN is Covid Secure: Coronavirus RISK ASSESSMENT

fundraise for us
request a collecting tin
help at an event
attend an event
buy GIN merchandise
recycle ink cartridges
send a book of stamps
send used postage stamps
remember us in your Will

direct help
adopt a greyhound/galgo
offer a home to a galgo
sponsor a greyhound/galgo           gift aid it
foster a greyhound/galgo
offer home/follow up visits
make a dog coat
knit for the galgos
write to your MEP

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