Dogs in Spain Being Prepared for Homing in Mainland Europe

Pep’s kennels in Vic, Barcelona

Throughout the year we board many galgos (Spanish bred greyhounds) at Pep Plans kennels in Vic, Barcelona. These dogs are fully dependant on funding by GIN for their maintenance / veterinary care. Once Pep has carried out testing for Mediterranean diseases, treating if necessary, and sterilizations, arrangements can be made to home the galgos in mainland  Europe.

Transportations are being arranged all the time for dogs to come to Pep’s and then to be taken by our contacts abroad to homes in Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc.  For the latest news on any of the dogs shown below please email us on Thank you.

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New arrivals at Pep’s enjoying the sunshine !


Arca de Noe refuge in Albacete

GACI (Greyhound Adopt Centre Italy)

We have been so pleased that our co-operation with Elisa and Chiara of the Adopt Centre Italy has continued.  As many of you will remember we first made contact following the closure of the Rome track some years ago. Once all the greyhounds were rehomed Elisa asked how they could help the galgos in Spain.

We work closely with Sole and Mateo at the Arca de Noe refuge in Albacete and try to help as many galgos as we can who have been rescued by them. Sole and Mateo prepare photographs and details of each dog which allows Elisa and her group to publicise them on their website in order to find homes. We are happy to fund their veterinary treatment in Albacete (testing for Mediterranean diseases, sterilisations etc.) and help where possible by funding some transportation costs. Once homes have been found in Italy the transportation is organised. Sole and her helpers often drive the journey from Albacete to Nice where Elisa and her helpers collect the dogs and continue their journey.

For the latest news on any of the dogs shown below please email us on or Elisa on    Thank you.

Rodrigo  Toni
Lemi Carol
Cedida Bandido
Cereza Chula 
Chusta Claudia
Jaima Fusilero
Irwin Minerva
Sofia Mario
Verdina Isaac


Visit to Arca de Noe

Sole and the Galgos


CREL (CREL Club de Reconocimiento y de ayuda a los galgos)


Sole, Mateo and their team at Arca de Noe are also able to prepare more galgos for homing in France, thanks to CREL, and GIN are able to fund the veterinary treatment in Albacete (testing for Mediterranean diseases, sterilisations, vaccinations etc) so the dogs are ready for homing once they travel to France.


SASIN (Slovenian Association for Sighthounds in Need)


Nina and her team at SASIN have been able to find more homes for the  galgos over recent years and now travel to Albacete regularly to collect them for homing.  We are pleased to continue our support to Arca de Noe by funding the veterinary costs for these galgos before they travel to new homes in Slovenia.


112 Carlota Galgos, Malaga

Charlotte and Dioni run 112 Carlota Galgos based in Malaga. They help galgos in their local area finding homes for them in other countries. Over many years we have funded the initial veterinary treatment – testing for Mediterranean diseases, vaccinations, treatments for fleas and worms, microchipping, pet passports, sterilisations etc. for many galgos they have rescued. 

The last 11 galgos we have funded are shown here -

Sophia  Sinai
Nimbus Koala


Cougar Joan 
Nasma Kendra Kazuki

Galgos en Familia, Malaga 

We are pleased to be working with Vera who recently started helping galgos in her area in Malaga. She has kennels and has been able to take many galgos from the local dog pound, saving their lives as the pound puts these dogs to sleep after a few days. Vera organises their veterinary care and when ready the galgos are homed by Greyhounds Rescue Belgium and Greyhounds Rescue Holland. We are now able to help her work by funding the veterinary treatment - testing for Mediterranean diseases, sterilisations etc. for the following galgos she has rescued.

More photos:


Inclan Thor  Pincho 
Emmet Biff  Lunar 


Violet  Kimbra 




Asociación Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte (APAPA), Villablanca 

We are working with Asociación Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Ayamonte, Villablanca. They work very hard helping galgos in their local area and once rescued they are looked after by their team of volunteers and are cared for before homes can be found for them. We are now funding the veterinary treatment - testing for Mediterranean diseases, sterilisations etc. for the following galgos they have rescued.

The new arrivals at APAPA:








ADANA, Badajoz

We are pleased to fund the veterinary costs (testing for Mediterranean diseases, sterilisations etc.) of the galgos that ADANA in Badajoz are able to help. We also contribute towards the transport costs so that these galgos can be homed thanks to the good co-operation we have with Arca de Noe, Albacete and Elisa, Chiara and Lily of the Adopt Centre Italy.

Luna Prada


Galgos del Sol, Murcia

We have supported Tina of Galgos del Sol almost from the beginning of her work for the galgos by giving funding towards veterinary costs for some of the galgos she has rescued.

In 2015, Galgos del Sol purchased some land so that they could set up their own centre in Murcia. This is a huge project and will take time to complete but having all the dogs in one place, and having a centre where people can visit and help care for the dogs until they are homed will make a big difference to Tina and her team. We have been able to give funding to sponsor 15 kennels in the second kennel block as well as continuing to fund veterinary costs for some of the galgos they rescue. The latest rescues are shown below.


Tina & Cayetana Castillo
Belle Checkers
Chess Fonzie
Bombon Kilye
Storm Isabel
Pixel Rainbow

APA, Santa Clara

We are pleased to be working with Margaret, Carmen and their team at APA, Santa Clara, Tobarra. They help many dogs in their local area, including galgos. They moved to a new shelter last year and we have been able to offer funding for some kennels and security. We have now offered funding for some of the veterinary costs they incur with the galgos they rescue.

New arrivals at APA


SOS Galgos, Barcelona

We are pleased to be working again with Anna and Albert of SOS Galgos in Barcelona. Our first contact was some years ago when greyhounds from Ireland were being exported to Spain for racing. Many ended up at the Barcelona track.

Anna and Albert run a veterinary practice in Barcelona and became involved, with help from Anne (GIN), and other greyhound groups in rehoming 250 greyhounds who were no longer needed as after much campaigning the last racing track in Spain, in Barcelona, closed.

Anna and Albert’s work for the dogs continues and their group has grown considerably over the years. They work with people in the Seville area and place rescued galgos in kennels there for initial veterinary checks. Once ready they are transported to Barcelona boarding kennels, near to Anna and Albert, where they can arrange for potential adopters to visit. They also work with a group in the USA and are able to send galgos to them for adoption.

We have been able to offer some funding towards their veterinary and transport costs.

They work hard on promoting legislation, informing and educating the public, working to change the Spanish perception towards galgos. We are very pleased that they are keen to promote and use our educational material.

Photos below of recent galgos we have been able to help

Tino Llama
Hope Heidi